Awarded ADDY® Best in Show 2nd runner up (campaign), Gold ADDY® (campaign), Silver ADDY® (logo), District 7 Silver ADDY® (campaign), 2013, winner of 48 Hour Launch 2013 (website).

For too long, women have considered whiskey a man’s drink, somehow off-limits for them. The Whiskey Women was formed to bring women together to socialize, learn about, and drink whiskey. The founders wanted to show that women are independent, empowered, down-to-earth, and can put aside the cultural belief that whiskey is a man’s drink.

Taking inspiration from vintage typography, the main letterforms have a firm, but rough edge to them, that are paired with a more delicate typeface. The color scheme follows the same cues, and maintains a femininity, without becoming saccharine. Imagery of women simply being themselves, whomever that might be, is the focus. There is a beauty in every woman, no matter what kind of woman she may be. For a little fun, a list of rules was developed. However, this list of rules is for the woman who should follow no rules.

The website was built as part of this year’s 48 Hour Launch, and went from concept to coding within that time frame (more like 37 hours – we saved a little time for sleep and drinking whiskey), taking home the main prize. I worked with an amazing team consisting of strategists, copywriters, and a developer.

Photography courtesy of John Somerville.