The Rennsport Reunion V  drew nearly 60,000 people from across the globe to a single destination, all to celebrate one of the most accomplished, most magnetic, and most visceral sports car brands on earth – Porsche.

The unparalleled weekend was headlined by the sights and sounds on, and off the track, representing the passion of Porsche enthusiasts. Roughly 320 Porsche racecars, in seven racing classes, took to the famed Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca circuit at racing speed. An additional 75 Porsche racecars, all with significant 24 Hours of Le Mans history wowed the spectators, while over 1,400 streetcars overflowed the available corral spaces.

Developing visuals with a very well established brand, it was important to maintain consistency, but also to create unique, ownable moments, all the way from large-scale pieces throughout the venue to each small printed piece.